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The MTS 1200 Dry drawing machine

The MTS 1200 is the largest wire drawing machine manufactured by GCREurodraw.

This machine has the highest cooling capacity and can process high carbon wire rod up to 18 mm in diameter.

GCREurodraw has been one of the first companies to manufacture this type of machine over 16 years ago. Since then there are over 40 such machines in operation all over the world.

The MTS 1200 is the reference machine for all PC strand and PC wire manufacturers.

The particular features of this machine are:

  • exceptional cooling system
  • low working height
  • maximum pull on first capstan up to 12 tons
  • maximum inlet diameter 18 mm ( High carbon)
  • maximum speed up to 14 m/sec
  • easy to operate die holders
  • easy to adjust motor belts
  • dust-proof guards
  • motor power up to 190 kW per block
  • independent air cooling for each block
  • internal light
  • high efficiency parallel axis gearboxes 
  • press rollers on all capstans