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Our wire drawing machines can be equipped with various types of take-ups depending the package that the customer requests:


  • BOS/ BOM - Single horizontal spoolers with or without spool elevator
  • BOS2 - Double horizontal spoolers with semi automatic spool change
  • BVS - Single vertical spoolers
  • BVD - Double vertical spoolers with semi automatic spool change
  • BVS2 - win vertical spoolers
  • BOA - Fully automatic horizontal spooler



  • RVS - Vertical static coilers without drawing die
  • RVT - Vertical static coilers with drawing die
  • ROS - Horizontal static coiler without drawing die
  • ROT - Horizontal static coiler with drawing die
  • IC - Inverted stripper coiler
  • OC - Horizontal pit coiler



  • automatic width adjustment system for traverse of spooler
  • self correction system for spooler traverse system
  • wire clamp on traverse unit of spooler
  • pattern lay system on coilers
  • wire threading unit for large coilers
  • double trolley
  • three position platform for small coil production
  • automatic coil change over system
  • automatic coil strapping system