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Know how

Our over 50 years of history in the making of wire production equipment has allowed us to develop and master the production know how of the following products:

1. Tire cord production cycle, from wire rod to final packaging. We can offer consulting services for full plant basic engineering and can propose the complete range of equipment necessary for the production of tire cord products, inclusive of bead wire. Our know how package includes all detailed standard operating procedures, step by step.

2. PC strand and PC wire. We have setup complete PC strand and PC wire production plants, starting from the batch pickling down to the packaging of the final product. Here too we offer the complete set of machinery as well as a detailed production know how package and basic engineering package.

3. Wire ropes. We offer equipment and know how for the production of wire ropes up to 36 mm in diameter. Our double twist buncher and stranding machines will give a major competitive advantage compared to any other technology on the market today. 

4. Welding wire. CO2 welding wire, MIG Wire, Submerged Arc Welding Wire Flux core wire  and stick electrodes are products for which we can offer the relevant equipment as well as, though our partnership with experienced consultants, the know how and expertise to train and reveal the secrets of welding wire production.