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Eurodraw just delivered to one of its customers a ultra high speed wire drawing line.

The drawing line is composed of a wire drawing machine 12 blocks and a special high speed spooler.

The new Eurodraw cooling system allows exceptional wire cooling hence the speed of the line could be increased to levels that were just unthinkable a few years ago.

The machine was successfully tested prior shipment to a speed of 51,2 m/sec. 

The test was made with 5,50 mm wire low carbon 1018 wire rod drawn down to a diameter of 1,30 mm in 12 dies and wound on a 2 ton spooler. Lubricant was calcium based in the first two dies and sodium based on the rest of the machine. Pressure dies were used on all blocks. The machine is equipped with the following features:

  • Rotating dies on every other block
  • Soap stirrers
  • Heavy duty horizontal spooler
  • OTO block on first position
  • Xcooling system on all blocks (New Eurodraw Pressurized cooling system with high heat exchange rate)
  • Air cooling on all blocks

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