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Improved perfomances of our DT(6+1) bunching machines

The new series of the DT6 machines benefit of a number of improvements:

  • speed improved up to 4600 twists per minute for the DT(6+1)-250
  • possibility to use a compacting unit to produce compacted strand
  • improved breaking with only 9% tension variation between full spool and empty spool, but with all spool having the same variation.
  • better strand lubrication for galvanized wire
  • better tension control of strand core wire
  • lower noise

This machine, compared to a tubular strander making 1+6 strands can produce 3 times more, at a fraction of the cost, half the space requirements, with better quality and it is easier to operate and thread. Wire sizes between 0.50 to 1,2 mm. Models available : DT(6+1) - 250/ 260/315/355. 

The DT(6+1)- 250 can reach 4600 tpm, the DT(6+1)-355 can reach 3800 tpm.

For further information please send us your questions or inquiries to: sales@gcreurodraw.com

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